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Desertification and Drought Day

June 17, 2022

Desertification and Drought Day is one of the few Holidays in Droughtland, along with “Rain Day”, so its citizens are eager to celebrate it together with Spain, the host country for this year’s UN Desertification and Drought Day activities. The theme this year is “Rising Up From Drought Together”, which will focus on drought resilience and proactive actions to take so no land becomes like Droughtland.

Dry Delights Restaurant opens in Spain

What’s up for dinner on Thursday, June 16th, 2022
the eve of Desertification and Drought Day? Droughtland cuisine.

Dry Delights Restaurant will open in Madrid for one night in collaboration with the MITECO, Fundación Biodiversidad and The Basque Culinary Center, where people will be able to taste and learn more about how drought affects food systems.

The event will include one round table that will bring together several experts to address the impact of the desertification in food and, later, a tasting of products of low water footprint in the gardens of the Casa Árabe to raise awareness about the effects of this environmental problem in our day to day.


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Good news from Droughtland! Its government and citizens are starting to take action to make sure they effectively mitigate the drought, so it doesn’t have such a negative impact on their livelihoods.

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